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Water Saving Initiative

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The NCCA has teamed up with leading sustainability company Ecoprod to offer all NCCA affiliated cricket clubs, the opportunity to be part of a UK-wide water saving initiative.

The aim is to save 90 million litres of water over the next 5 years, contributing to each club's sustainability goals by reducing their water wastage, as well as saving significant sums of money each year.

Ecoprod supplies a full range of water-saving washroom equipment, from waterless urinals and low flow touch-free sensor taps to low flow showers and water management systems. It has installations in sports clubs, stadia and venues across the UK, including the Ageas Bowl, Northampton RFC, Silverstone and the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium as well as many smaller venues.  

Ecoprod has also recently been appointed as water management advisor to Wembley Stadium and is in discussions with Lord’s, Forest Green Rovers and Wimbledon, amongst others.

Washrooms can be extremely wasteful of water and energy as well as often being quite unpleasant environments, and this is particularly true in sports clubs due to the nature of the washroom usage. Ecoprod's ultimate aim is to raise the standard of the whole washroom environment whilst saving water and lowering clients' carbon footprint.

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Ecoprod is the exclusive supplier of the market-leading URIMAT waterless urinals in the UK. URIMAT is a swiss company fully committed to ecological sustainability. Its patented products are manufactured using eco-friendly materials and production processes.


URIMAT's uncompromising quality control guarantees durable products that are odour-free, hygienic and enviromentally friendly.


• Each URIMAT waterless urinal saves around 100,000 litres of water per year - as a guide this equates to between £250 and £600 per urinal per year just in water saving (depending on region)
• Clients generally also realise a sewage cost saving, as sewage costs are normally calculated based on water usage

• Bad odours are eliminated - if maintained correctly URIMAT urinals guarantee and odour-free washroom with no need for constant flush, offering members and guests a much improved experience. 


To sign up to the initiative or learn more about how Ecoprod can help you save water and cut costs please contact

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