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NCCA partner with Durant Cricket

The National Counties Championship will benefit from the generous sponsorship of Durant Cricket for the next two seasons. 

The three-day competition, which is contested by 20 counties from the length and breadth of England and Wales will now be known as the Durant Cricket National Counties Championship in the 2023 and 2024 seasons. 

It will be the first time that the competition, which was first played in 1895 and formerly known as the Minor Counties Championship, has had a title sponsor. 

“Durant Cricket are a very well-established brand within in the UK and we are delighted to have partnered with them for the next two years,” said Richard Logan, NCCA’s Operations Director.  

“We look forward to working together to enhance what both businesses can offer the National Counties, their host clubs and our competitions.” 

Matches in the Durant Cricket National Counties Championship are staged at club grounds in the host counties. It is a link with the grassroots game that appeals to Cristian Durant, Managing Director of Durant Cricket, who played in the competition for Cambridgeshire as a wicketkeeper between 1996 and 2001. 

“Durant Cricket are looking forward to supporting the NCCA and the clubs involved in hosting the games in what is a very interesting time for the National Counties,” he said. 

“Our wide product range and links with grassroots cricket allows us to service clubs up and down the country and our association with the NCCA will enhance our profile across the 20 National Counties.” 

Durant Cricket are based in Empingham in Rutland and provide an extensive range of products and services for clubs and schools at all levels. 

Durant Cricket’s products include indoor and outdoor netting systems and surfaces, artificial pitches, pitch covers, sightscreens, mobile practice cages, electronic and manual scoreboards, boundary ropes, fences, clocks and bowling machines. 

For the full range of Durant Cricket products and services visit:


Smethwick CC Nets

Durant Cricket have recently completed a 3 bay practise area for Smethwick CC that will make a big difference to both their Junior and Senior teams.

Mohammed Zubair Secretary of Smethwick CC said ‘’ the new install will help us incredibly to raise the profile of cricket in what is an inner urban area but perhaps more importantly to recruit and retain the young cricketers that we have at the club and support our women’s section. In 2022 we had the privilege of being double trophy winners in the ECB Birmingham and District Premier League but without the required infrastructure to practice and improve. The installation by Durant Cricket has been done in quick time and we are looking forward now to the rest of the Summer. ‘’

Richard Cox of Blind Summit Sports ‘’ my role in the process has been to secure the funding for Smethwick CC and ensure that Durant Cricket install the nets to the necessary specification of the club. Although the process has taken us over 2 years to come to fruition due to having to supply various documentation it's great to see it now completed and finished. Throughout it all and in many other projects that I have worked on with Cristian and the team they are always willing to work ‘with you’ to find solutions to the project aims. This was no exception. We can now look forward to a prolonged period of cricket development for the club and perhaps the hosting of more major NCCA matches.’’

If you're looking to improve your cricket facilities visit or get in touch with Cristian Durant by emailing

22 Yards Cricket Centre Case Study

Durant Cricket embarked on a substantial installation project approximately a month ago, resulting in the establishment of what is now recognized as The 22 Yard Cricket Centre. This specialized Centre, dedicated to cricket enthusiasts like yourself, has been meticulously designed and is managed by individuals deeply motivated by the world of cricket. The initial idea for the facility stemmed from a persistent frustration with the lack of specialized cricket facilities, not only in Gloucestershire but throughout the entire nation. The 22 Yards stands as a facility equipped to replicate in-game scenarios, achieved through a combination of the founders' ideologies and personal experiences, then matched by Durant Cricket's expert insights.

From Start to Finish

Foundations, Shock Padding & Lighting

On February 26th, Durant Cricket commenced the foundational work and installation of shock padding for the 22 Yard Indoor Centre. This decision reflects Durant Cricket's commitment to incorporating shock padding as standard practice in the majority of our installations. The reliability of shock padding in preserving performance, ensuring safety, and prolonging the lifespan of the facility is widely recognized.

Shock padding serves multiple crucial purposes. It mitigates wear and tear on the facility, safeguards foundations against long-term deterioration, and provides essential cushioning. This cushioning effect is invaluable as it helps reduce the impact on players' joints and muscles during play, significantly lowering the risk of injuries, especially those affecting the knees and ankles. This aspect is particularly important for 22 Yards, which hosts young training camps and accommodates high-performance cricketers like Gloucestershire’s 1st team, who frequently utilize the facility for training sessions.

After completing the foundational work at 22 Yards, the next crucial step was ensuring optimal levels of brightness and evenly spread illumination throughout the indoor cricket center. This step is essential for various reasons, including enhancing player visibility for accurate ball tracking, facilitating video analysis for performance evaluation, improving the spectator experience by eliminating visual hindrances, ensuring player safety by minimizing hazardous conditions, and maintaining consistency across different playing surfaces and training areas within the facility

Installment of Netting

Following the foundational work, the installation of netting marked the subsequent stage of progress at 22 Yards. Durant Cricket ensured the setup of a three-bay net system inside the enclosed practice area, complete with extended run-ups, which serves a multifunctional purpose as a fielding practice area. As the netting is being installed, the facility starts to take shape, and the physical boundaries of the playing area begin to expand, revealing the facility’s versatility

Further Protection & Backstop

Netting Due to the uneven ceilings of the facility, adjustments were necessary to adapt the dimensions of the practice areas. In response to this challenge, Durant Cricket's manufacturing team at our warehouse constructed a protective steel and netted structure. This structure was specifically designed to safeguard the building’s interior structure from any potential damage. With our own on-site welders and fabricators, we possess the capabilities to produce equipment tailored to effectively address such issues. The framing structure also facilitated the ideal location for installing backstop netting, effectively segregating the batting lanes from the rest of the facility. This created a secluded and dedicated area perfect for fielding training drills.

Surfacing & Non-Turf

The next phase of the project at the 22 Yard Cricket Centre involved the installation of Durant Cricket's specialized non-turf surfaces and flooring. This crucial step entailed meticulous planning and precision execution to ensure that the surfaces met the correct dimensions and required specifications desired for the facility, optimizing performance and durability for you. The team carefully laid out each section of the DuraWeave surface, ensuring a seamless and uniform finish across the entire playing area. The specialized flooring was chosen for its renowned reputation, in addition to its ability to withstand the rigors of intense cricketing activities, further providing players like yourself with the necessary traction and stability

Line Marking

Finally, following precise measurements, meticulous installation, and thorough verification of the nets, Durant Cricket's team delicately marked each lane at the 22 Yard Cricket Centre. They opted for specialized white paint, specifically designed to dry quickly and withstand gradual friction, ensuring durability against regular use and potential impacts from fast bowlers like those from Gloucestershire CCC.

Along each bay, creases were meticulously painted from the batting end to the bowling end. Simultaneously, comprehensive cleaning, maintenance, and quality checks were conducted throughout the entire facility before concluding the installation on the 6th of March, meaning the installation was completed in just over a week! Durant Cricket's rigorous approach and care to detail were taken to ensure that every element met the highest standards, creating a top-tier environment in anticipation of the upcoming grand opening of the cricket facility on Saturday 9th March.

Exclusive Durant offers for NCCA customers

Mobile Cricket Covers with Free Manual Scoreboard

Good news! Durant Cricket are offering a couple of exclusive deals to club hosts and subscribers of the NCCA!

When purchasing a set of Durant cricket covers, customers will be entitled to a FREE MANUAL SCOREBOARD!

Mobile Cricket Covers

Available as a set of 3 units, each unit 4 metres wide x 8 metres long.

£3,995.00 (EXC VAT)

Additional £100 (EXC VAT) per logo/artwork you wish to have printed on covers.

However which way you wish to use it, whether to be used by the county, the junior section, or as a gift/donation, manual scoreboards are still very much valued and timeless assets. Not only do they evoke a sense of nostalgia and tradition but also provide a valuable educational tool for aspiring scorers and players seeking a deeper understanding of the game. Their straightforward design and operation make them easy to use for a wide range of individuals, fostering community involvement as opposition players or supporters can actively participate in updating scores. Additionally, the lack of dependence on power ensures functionality in areas with limited electrical access, making manual scoreboards a versatile choice for various cricketing environments. As a reliable backup option, they ensure that the game can continue seamlessly in the face of technical failures or disruptions, further solidifying their significance in the sport.

If you wish to claim your FREE MANUAL SCOREBOARD with a set of Durant Cricket’s Mobile Covers, then please get in contact with them by either calling 01572 822013 or completing their contact form via the link Simply just specify which of the following you wish to receive FREE OF CHARGE:

CleverScore Standup Double Sided Manual Cricket Scoreboard (£225.00)


CleverScore Cyboard Manual Cricket Scoreboard (£225.00)

Delivery and installation is included in the price!

Mobile Batting Cages with Free Upgrade

Durant Cricket are also offering a free upgrade on batting cages! Durant Cricket sell both 7.12 metre and 10.62 metre batting cages, these are sold with 2mm netting applied as standard or customers also have the option to opt for a more expensive, premium 3mm netting, a more durable, thicker alternative.

Luckily for you! Durant Cricket are offering a FREE UPGRADE for NCCA club hosts and subscribers, from a 2MM NET TO A 3MM robust net.

Mobile Batting Cages

7.12 metre cage (£1,150.00) EXC VAT

10.62 metre cage (£1,575.00) EXC VAT

A cricket mobile batting cage stands out as a versatile and indispensable training tool, placing a strong emphasis on its portability which ensures that players can effortlessly transport the cage to different locations, adapting their training environment as needed. This flexibility allows for solo practice sessions, enabling players to refine their batting techniques independently. Simultaneously, the cage caters to team training, providing a structured and enclosed space for multiple players to maximize their practice time. The adjustable design allows customisation to various skill levels, contributing to continuous skill development in a controlled setting. With an upgraded 3mm net, the cages overall durability will be significantly higher. 3mm nets are more resistant to the sports general wear and tear, making the product an increasingly more worthwhile investment.

If you wish to claim your FREE 3MM NET UPGRADE when purchasing a Pro Mobile Cricket Cage, then please get in contact with them by either calling 01572 822013 or completing their contact form via the link Simply just specify where you found the offer to receive your upgrade FREE OF CHARGE:

£175 + vat for delivery and installation of mobile batting cages!

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