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Unsung Hero - Neil Gamble

1 Apr 2021
Unsung Hero - Neil Gamble

We continue to send our gratitude and thanks to all of the people behind the players at NCCA who help make it all possible. Today we want to say a big thank you to Neil Gamble from Devon. Neil became secretary in 2010 and then progressed to Chairman in 2016.

As a volunteer in the 10 years to the present time, Neil has worked tirelessly for the benefit of Devon CCC, involving himself in many tasks for the benefit of the County. During that time he has built good relationships with Somerset CCC, the Devon Cricket Board and the Devon Cricket League. No task has been too much for him. During these times he also became a prominent committee member of the Minor Counties Cricket Association and was a member of the Interim committee during the first year of the newly incorporated National Counties Cricket Association Ltd, again working repeatedly throughout. 

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