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Unsung Hero - Eric Carter

30 Mar 2021
Unsung Hero - Eric Carter

We all know that in order to be successful, it’s important to have a strong team around you. A successful team goes beyond the players, extending to support staff and volunteers that work hard in the background to make everything happen. Before the season begins, we take a moment to recognise all of the fantastic ‘Unsung Heroes’ involved in the NCCA from the ground staff, scorers, umpires, tea ladies and more. We thank them for being a big part of the cricket community and supporting the game.


This week we send our huge thanks to Eric Carter from Cumbria. Eric has been involved in the game for over 55 years, umpiring for 50 of those years.


Eric was involved at Workington Cricket Club and took over as treasurer. He joined Cumbria many years ago where he became Club Treasurer and undertook a number of team manager responsibilities. Eric was instrumental in encouraging Captain Gary Pratt to join Cumbria and become a well-established player at the club. Over the years Eric has been a solid supporter and representative of Cumbria at MCCA meetings, as well as becoming President of CCCC in 2020.


On top of this, Eric was largely involved in the Heavy Duty Alloys Social Club both as a Bar Manager and Entertainment Secretary. He also ran the Heavy Duty Alloys football team and actually played when necessary.  Overall, the main thing you can say about Eric is everything he got involved with, he did it wholeheartedly.


We thank you Eric for your huge contribution over the years.


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