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The NCCA Role Models Scheme

4 May 2021
The NCCA Role Models Scheme

In 2021 we will see the introduction of the NCCA Role Models Scheme. A new and exciting programme that will be rolled out across all 20 counties. The initiative has been introduced to provide numerous benefits to the age group pathway and help to inspire young players in the county to be the best player they can be.


A universal goal of the NCCA and all counties is to support and inspire player development. This scheme will see the County Cricket Board’s and County Clubs coming together to enhance the experience of attendees across many of the coaching initiatives the Board deliver throughout the year.


Benefits of the Role Models Scheme

Chosen Role Models will be National County players that have reached the pinnacle of cricket in their county. This scheme will demonstrate to all the young players that becoming a County player is realistic and achievable. Each Role Model will be carefully selected to represent the attitudes and behaviours that are desirable in a young player. They will be able to reinforce the benefits of engaging in training sessions and matches put on by their County Board.


A huge percentage of the current County First teams will have come through the county age group system. By hearing of the Role Model’s experiences, this will hopefully provide further inspiration to those attending that progress towards the top level is a genuine possibility. It’s crucial to the NCCA’s strategy that there is a clear pathway to the top of the pyramid of cricket within the County.


Coaching Initiatives 

Throughout the summer the County Cricket Board deliver many different coaching sessions to a wide variety of young cricketers. 

These include:

  • Pathway Age Groups Sessions
  • All Stars
  • Dynamos
  • Disability Cricket
  • Girls Cricket
  • Chance to Shine

The scheme aims to enhance these sessions by using the Role Models to inspire the participants by demonstrating first hand, these initiatives are a stepping stone to full County 1stX1 honours.


Meeting the Stars

During the season each County will host a 'Role Models’ Day at an NCCA home fixture.

Every aspiring young player that has taken part in any of the coaching initiatives included in the Role Models Scheme (named above), will be invited to the game and have the opportunity to meet all the County players, take part in activities on the outfield during the day and watch their Role Models in action.

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