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At Home with Henry...

9 Jul 2021
At Home with Henry...

An Intimate Encounter with Henry Blofeld OBE

81 Not Out!

In support of the Bob Willis Fund, Professional Cricketers Association Trust, Cricket Society and the MCC Foundation.


Legendary cricket commentator and broadcaster, Henry Blofeld OBE, known amongst his many fans as Blowers and famed for his plummy tones and preoccupation with buses and pigeons on Test Match Special (TMS) supports great cricketing charities with ticket sales for his new show with shared treasured moments from his life and career.


Blowers was due to be performing his two-hour, one-man show in theatres around the UK until Covid’s reign stopped play.  However, being confined to the pavilion has given him the opportunity to spend more time with loved ones; to reconnect with his Norfolk roots and to reflect on his truly extraordinary life.  At Home With Henry is the honest, touching and absolutely hilarious product of these reflections.


Lockdown gave him time to reflect upon his own mortality, ruing missed opportunities and skills unattained, Henry’s overwhelming feeling about his life is one of gratitude. 


Henry said: “My Dear Old Things, although lockdown was frustrating, it gave me plenty of time to think. It made me uncomfortably aware of my great age and of all the things I had failed to do in my long and chequered career. Above all though, it made me truly thankful that I have been able to live such an amazing life. I was able to pursue my hobby, which, of course, was cricket. I have commentated all over the cricket playing world, met many famous and interesting people, had countless lively adventures, in and out of the commentary box where I joined forces with so many cricketing greats. It is lovely now to be able to give something back to the game, its players and supporters. My three shows which cover my hectic life, will be supporting the Bob Willis Fund, the Professional Cricketers Trust, the Cricket Society and the MCC Foundation - all brilliant cricketing charities that, given the funds, make such a marvellous difference to so many people’s lives. I thank you all hugely for your great support.


The show consists of three very special and intimate 60 - minute sessions spread over three evenings in July at 8pm. The three passages of play follow the sessions of a day’s cricket - part one - The Morning, will be on Monday 26th; part two - The Afternoon will be on Tuesday 27th and part three - The Evening will be Wednesday 28th and all three will be available to stream from the 26th until midnight on Friday 30th July. Tickets cost just £14.99 plus booking fee for all three sessions available at .


Blowers is a charmingly self-deprecating extrovert and apparently has equal interest in everyday off-the-field events as those on it. He is from the old school of radio commentators who painted the scene for the listener and allowed them, through their evocative descriptions, to feel present at the ground and at the heart of the action. He is loved and adored by cricket fans around the globe.

Produced by Simon Fielder Productions and sports marketing expert, Omar Khan, Henry will regale you with hilarious anecdotes from his incredible life, lifting the lid on the foibles of fellow commentators, sharing some hysterical moments in the box and on tour with England and bringing to life some of the game’s greatest personalities. 


Simon says:  “Creating these films with Henry has been an absolute joy. It was a real privilege to visit him in his Norfolk cottage, sit in the chair opposite and be treated to fascinating and hilarious tales from this most treasured of national treasures.  I would like to thank Henry for sharing his fantastic stories, for his unparalleled professionalism and quite extraordinary energy and Henry’s lovely wife Valeria for her hospitality, patience and her fabulous food!”


Omar added: “Henry was a brilliant Test Match Cricket commentator, a real household name and has such a huge zest for life.  At Home with Henry, will be a lovely series of virtual shows celebrating a most wonderful life”


One of Henry’s greatest gifts has been to engage both the cricket connoisseur and those who know nothing about the game alike with his enchanting personality, warmth and humour. These programmes are only available for a limited time and will allow the viewer a very privileged and unique audience with Henry in the comfort of his charming country cottage. You can follow Henry on twitter @blowersh, Simon Fielder Productions @simonFielderPr1 and find out more online at .

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